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Interview with Greg Frederick – Vinyl Pop Art

I didn’t realize it, but Williamsburg Cinemas (217 Grand Street) occasionally hosts art shows. They have a really good one going on through the end of April. If you go catch a flick there, you can also see the Vinyl Pop Art by Greg Frederick. His work depicts famous celebrity and cultural icons (the pop art) and he utilizes actual vinyl records reshaped and re-textured as his medium (the vinyl). Wow! Continue reading

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Multiplex opens in Williamsburg today!

After months of reading various blog posts and walking by this multiplex wondering WHEN, it is official. The Williamsburg Cinemas (217 Grand) opened today! 

Owner Havery Elgart, who also owns Cobble Hill Cinemas has built a seven screen theatre which is now fully operational so you don’t have to leave the hood to see the Hobbit in 3D!

Word on the street (internet) is the ticket machine outside is taking money but not dispensing tickets – so buy your tix inside to be safe. Tickets also don’t seem to be available online, yet. The website doesn’t list what is playing or showtimes but they are listed on their facebook page.

Now showing: Life of Pi, Lincoln, Skyfall, Hobbit 3D and Hobbit 2D.

$8 matinee and child senior
$11 full price
$13 3d adult
$10 3d child senior

I am excited for this addition to the neighborhood and plan on popping in to see some flicks with my roomie but I will continue to support Nitehawk (screenings of Twin Peaks and other cult favs, will never get old)!

What do you think of a new shiny theatre moving into town?

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