Spooky season is upon us (and we’re not just talking about inflation). Luckily, there’s no need to leave the neighborhood for a good haunting. Grab your headphones (er, AirPods?) and head to the Long Island City side of the Pulaski Bridge to follow along with a ghastly audio tale crafted by writer Rick Paulas — just make sure you bring your walking shoes.

The Lady in Greenpoint spans roughly three miles of the neighborhood during the multi-chapter fiction story, taking you on a walking tour of a haunted Greenpoint (and related cast of characters) mostly from the POV of recent GP resident and particularly poltergeist-afflicted neighbor, Pauline. Tag along with Pauline and narrator Lauren Lavin during the gothic novella featuring pandemic-era themes, StreetEasy, an Obama name dropping, Greenpoint’s industrial past, the beloved Newtown Creek, very unwelcome roommates, and beyond with listening checkpoints designated throughout until the ending point at McGolrick Park.

The walking tour also serves up a bit of Greenpoint history, including the northernmost area’s former nickname of Dangertown and creatively named pickpocketers and gangs like the “Dangertown Slobs” and “Jolly Four.”

The tour is available free to all with a suggested price of $10 paid to Paulas via Venmo (details via the website). See the full credits here.

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