Popular Williamsburg restaurant Rabbithole (352 Bedford Ave.) is closing its doors this week after being a part of the North Brooklyn community for 15 years. The beloved eatery posted a sign outside stating: “We will be closing at the end of the month.”

Rabbithole’s owners Ayako and Lawrence Elliott wrote, “We are appreciative to our customers, staff as well as the neighborhood for the last fifteen years that we have been in business, and a part of the Southside of Williamsburg. We remain a part of Williamsburg, as we have our other restaurant, Monarch, at 146 Metropolitan Ave. We are not leaving because of rent, business issues or any drama, we just want to simplify our lives.”

The sign outside of Rabbithole, noting the restaurants closing. Photo: Julia Moak

A representative from Rabbithole confirmed this news, explaining, “The lease on the Rabbithole was coming to an end and [the owners] decided not to renew to focus on Monarch.”

Rabbithole’s backyard as shown on the restaurant’s Instagram page.

Rabbithole was known for its charming backyard garden and delicious brunch classics like Eggs Benedict and Stuffed French Toast. Rabbithole fans will be comforted by the fact that the restaurant’s sister spot, Monarch (146 Metropolitan Ave.), started serving brunch this past weekend on September 24 with Asian-inspired favorites brunch items like kimchi waffles and ube pancakes. 

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