Baya Bar (687 Manhattan Ave.), a small chain focused on smoothies, juices, and Açai bowls, opened this past March in Greenpoint. The healthy eatery shared the recipe for their Greenpoint Summer Smoothie, and you can find it below. 

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Baya Bar’s Greenpoint Summer Smoothie


1 handful of fresh kale


1 banana, peeled

1 scoop or 1/2 cup of frozen or fresh pineapple

8 ounces of coconut milk (can substitute with oat milk or cow milk)

1 squeeze of honey (agave can be used as a substitute)

1 scoop of vanilla protein (can substitute with 1/3 cup of Greek yogurt)


  1. Wash the kale.
  2. Put all of the ingredients into a blender or Nutri bullet and blend. (If you are using fresh pineapple, add a small handful of ice.)
  3. Pour into a glass and enjoy.

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