A possum in Temkin’s, a beaver in Domino Park, a hawk on Driggs, and now a dolphin on Bushwick Inlet Park. 

A dolphin was spotted on the shore of Bushwick Inlet Park on July 19. The photo, provided to Greenpointers by an anonymous source, unfortunately, depicts a dolphin that no longer looks alive.

Last year, some lucky Greenpoint locals spotted dolphins in the East River off of Transmitter Park. With COVID restrictions leading to less travel and subsequent pollution, dolphin sightings popped up worldwide, including next to St. Mark’s Square in Venice.

However, more sightings were reported even before the pandemic. “Possible explanations include improved habitat quality, warmer water because of climate change, and the recovery of menhaden stocks, experts say,” reports the New York Times.

It is unclear what happened to this particular dolphin. Greenpointers has reached out to the NYC Parks Department for further comment, and we will update the article if we find out more.


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