Spotted: a rare beaver sighting in Domino Park!

Last Wednesday April 27, park-goers noticed a beaver waddling around the trendy park, ostensibly lost and looking for the new Trader Joe’s (just kidding — everyone knows that beavers prefer Whole Foods.)
Video credit to Nicholas de la Rosa on Instagram.

A video shows an NYPD officer attempting to corral the little guy into a cardboard box, which is as great an argument for why cops shouldn’t be the ones to respond to every issue as I’ve ever seen. The beaver simply won’t budge, and I felt it deep in my soul.

“Although beavers became the official state mammal of New York in 1975, habitat loss and over trapping led to a sharp decline in population in and around New York City, with 2007 being the first time a beaver was spotted in over 200 years,” Newsweek reports.

Newsweek also reports that Animal Control has been attempting to reintroduce the species into the area, so this appears to be good news!


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