Looks like the borderline voyeuristic, borderline aspirational “attractive person reading on train” brand of Instagram accounts are onto something. According to a post on Missed You NYC, two bibliophiles may be on track to find love in a hopeless place — the G train.

According to the hopeful romantic, both riders were armed with their own respective copies of the novel Less by Andrew Sean Greer, which follows fictional writer Arthur Less on a literary tour meant to distract from the wedding of a former lover and punctuate a landmark birthday. And despite having a 2018 Pulitzer Prize-winning page-turner in hand, it didn’t stop our bespectacled narrator from noticing a fellow person of culture and striking up a conversation. Though the opportunity to exchange numbers may be long lost, we can only hope the two voracious readers peruse Greenpointers from time to time and can reconnect for their own storybook ending.

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