After a decade of being in the neighborhood, Light Industry is moving to a bigger space that they can call their own, (361 Stagg Street, Suite 407). During their time in Greenpoint, they shared the space with other organizations such as arts non-profit Triple Canopy and book publishing company Primary Information throughout their time there. 

“We had roommates the same way that many people in Brooklyn have roommates because it made financial sense. But now, you know, we’re able to have our own space…and we found a place that was bigger, cheaper, and for many people easier to get to, which is kind of remarkable” said Thomas Beard, one of the co-founders of Light Industry

But don’t get Beard wrong — he loved the Greenpoint location and the wonderful events they have done there. Beard’s favorite memory at the Greenpoint location is a screening of a Maurice Lemaître film and all the live interactive elements to it. Light Industry’s Greenpoint space allowed for those elements with its flexibility. Beard said they could show films that involve multiple simultaneous projections within the space and that will continue in their new space.

Light Industry started in 2008, and it is a space for film and arts in Brooklyn. Founded and run by Thomas Beard and Ed Halter, the venue has weekly events in collaboration with artists, curator and critics. Similar to the cinematheque approach with their dedication to archival films, you are going to encounter rare or experimental films (and undiscovered filmmakers folks should know about) at Light Industry. Beard has stated this approach has really allowed them to zoom in on a particular film, filmmaker or moment and lavish attention on it.

AD-WO is the architecture group that is helping Light Industry design their new space. The process working with AD-WO has been wonderful for Light Industry Beard shared. However, Beard is not sure how long it will take to finish the new space. There is still work they need to do, and they are accounting for supplies like light fixtures potentially being delayed. So Beard leaves it at a tentative summer opening. But when Light Industry comes back, it will be with new theater chairs, gorgeous dark blue curtains and a lobby space, unlike the Greenpoint location, which was too small to have a lobby area. Patrons usually congregated outside on the sidewalk. 


In order to help them with the move, they are asking patrons to donate. In a tweet, Light Industry mentioned how a generous patron offered to match up to $25,000 in donations. Other patrons can help them by one-time gift via PayPal Giving Fund, subscribing to Light Industry’s Patreon for as little as $2 a month and purchasing an edition through their online storefront.

Beard told Greenpointers that the money from this fundraiser is going completely to building this new space. From the yard for the blue velvet curtains used to separate the space, the “extremely comfortable” folding cinema chairs, the HVAC System to Electrical to a cinema masking system, patrons’ dollars will contribute to the brand new space that they will soon get to experience. 

Be on the lookout for Light Industry’s social media and website for their returned and new space. Soon you can enjoy the array of events and films they’ll have in their new comfy chairs.

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