The Kids Film Fest, part of the Brooklyn Film Festival, is back in Greenpoint for its 18th year! According to the website, the festival “aims to discover and promote children’s filmmakers as well as expose filmmakers of all ages who make films for younger crowds.”

The children’s portion of the film festival will take place in-person at Windmill Studios (300 Kingsland Ave.) on Saturday June 4th. 

The program is divided into two age groups. The first group is tailored for viewers ages three to seven while the second is dedicated to ages eight through fifteen. All films are rated “G”. The films for the younger kids will start at 2 p.m. on Saturday, and the program for older kids will start at 3:30 p.m.

The first selection of movies, dedicated to younger viewers, is comprised of twelve films. The films are short, ranging from one to eight minutes. The second group of movies, for older children, contains seven films that run slightly longer, ranging from five to nineteen minutes.

Both of the programs will show multiple genres including animated shorts, live-action films, and documentaries that depict a variety of topics, ranging from an experimental short film that tells a story of heartbreak, loss and love to a film about the last dinosaur on the earth that finds a egg near a erupting volcano. 


It’s worthwhile to note that kids under the age of seven can enter the first program without paying and viewers younger than fifteen can see the second show without paying. Any attendee that is older than seven for the first program and older than fifteen for the second program must pay for a $15 ticket. Tickets can be purchased on the Brooklyn Film Festival website

The two Kids Film Fest programs will also be shown online during the Brooklyn Film festival, from June 3rd until June 12th.

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