Since the second week of April, painter and muralist Estrella Munoz has been working on the scenic nature scape that now graces the walls and windows of Market on Kent. Though she was slightly delayed by the typical springtime weather, the mural is almost complete with lush greenery, colorful butterflies, flowers, deer, birds, and other furry woodland friends. Make sure to stop by!

Munoz has been an artist all her life, and while she didn’t become a full time artist until the pandemic hit, she has since started a company called NY Art Affair and has painted a number of storefronts in the neighborhood. As a true born and raised Greenpointer, one of her favorite parts of the work is getting to know the local business owners and getting the opportunity to create pieces that are beautiful for all of the neighborhood to enjoy. “They all do it for the public”, Munoz said, which is something she’s honored to be a part of.

“When I had to stay home for the pandemic to take care of my three kids, I decided to launch NY Art Affair, a creative and collaborative platform. The collaboration was meant to meet the creative needs of local businesses. I began window murals and paint and sips at local shops like The Kingsland and The Coffee Shop, where I most recently am helping to host open mics. On my website you can find my work as well as upcoming events such as virtual paint and sips and glow in the dark paint parties.”

Estrella Munoz

When conceptualizing the murals, Munoz said she begins with a conversation with the store owner. What’s the essence they’re going for? What image do they already have in mind for the storefront? “I’ll submit one or two options and try to capture what the person is looking for,” Munoz said, and then she gets to work. 

For this particular mural, Munoz wanted to channel the history of the land on which the store sits. She wanted to make something beautiful and new with something old and cherished in mind. Recreating the natural flora and fauna that is local to Greenpoint, Munoz crafted an image that feels right out of a storybook.

(If you notice the penguin, no, he’s not native to Greenpoint – just a request that the owner made. Now you’re all privy to a little easter egg moment.)


Munoz said she’s always excited to connect with local businesses and create artwork that beautifies the space and speaks to important issues. “I submitted some work recently, the topic was bringing awareness to nature”, Munoz said, which is something she cares about deeply. 

In addition to her murals and window work, Munoz also paints and draws on canvas and creates other studio work. “I’m a traditional artist. As in I paint on canvas and had a solo show in Chelsea last year and have shown work in NYC and Florida. In 2021 I also painted live in Miami during Art Basel as well as at the Brooklyn Museum.”

Find her on Instagram @shedraws_too & @estrella_302 and check out her other recent neighborhood work featured on the windows of Rachel’s Garden. 

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  1. She did such a beautiful job!!! It’s wonderful and better than plain brick any day. It’s just a little sad the flowers obscure it now.

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