On March 15, For All Things Good officially opened its doors in Williamsburg and has been serving up its signature tri-color masa varietals and brunch menu at 314 Grand St. ever since.

This is the second For All Things Good location after co-owners Matt Diaz and Carlos Macías opened the original in Bed-Stuy in July 2020.

“Williamsburg was always it; in all honesty this exact space is something that I always thought a great location, a cool corner,” Diaz reflected regarding whether he’d sought out other parts of Brooklyn to expand to. “It’s lovely, I get to see a lot more of my friends who maybe didn’t want to make the trek out to Bed-Stuy. And it seems like the people who are coming in are really appreciative.”

The menu includes chilaquiles, tortilla soup, tlayuditas (a tostada-like dish with origins in Oaxaca), tetelas (triangular-shaped corn empanadas stuffed with fillings like cheese and salsa verde or black beans and an aromatic herb called epazote), and more. For first time diners at For All Things Good, Diaz recommends the tetelas, which show off their masa trio complete with color-coordinated fillings.

While the location (which formerly housed Atlas Café/Clever Blend) is not set to get a liquor license, it’s waiting on a beer and wine license. For All Things Good is planning a wine-centered concept celebrating Mexican wine, which is ideal for Diaz, who has a background in said industry.


“In Bed-Stuy we’re heavily Mezcal-focused, but I’m taking [the lack of a liquor license] as an opportunity to do something cool with Mexican wine,” Diaz explained. “I love wine, so I think it might actually be cool having Mezcal taken out of the possibilities gets us to really focus on the wine element.”

Also on the horizon is the expansion to dinner service and more pop-ups with chefs and other restaurants, like the upcoming collaboration with Nhậu (which itself is a Viet-Chinese-focused venture between Di An Di sous chef Quan Ngo and front-of-house manager Mariska LyHo) on May 9.

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