If you’ve been admiring the street art in North Brooklyn as of late, you’re in luck – there’s more to come. 

Kevin Heisner, otherwise known as Shlumper, is a multidisciplinary artist primarily known for his interest in combining art and technology. Much of his work involves augmented reality, or AR interaction, including the mural he’s currently working on at 1145 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint. 

Photo courtesy of Kevin Heisner

Heisner’s unique style utilizes both the physical and the digital world. He will often create something tangible and then something virtual on top of it that you can see by scanning a QR code on your smartphone. 

Originally based in Chicago, Heisner attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Though he initially entered as an oil painter, he quickly developed an interest in art and technology through light programming and other collaborative efforts, spearheaded by art-driven nonprofits. After graduating with a degree in art & technology, his street art projects continued to grow, and as did his interest in accessible art and his involvement in the nonprofit art world. 

With simultaneous careers in hospitality and construction, Heisner has been uniquely positioned towards collaboration. In his art, it’s essential that he understands the community he’s working in, and the building he’s painting on. In many instances, such as the case with 1145 Manhattan Avenue, Heisner will be working on a separate project related to his adjacent careers, and serendipitously find the perfect space for his art. 


One of his latest murals lives on Lake Street in the West Loop of Chicago. Heisner started working on it in January of 2020, with the (retrospectively ironic) concept: “Why are we here?” The painting lives atop a mirror, encouraging passersby to stop, look, and think for a moment. 

Photo courtesy of Kevin Heisner

Heisner often focuses on similar existential and often spiritual concepts such as the following: 

“Themes of singularity, human conditions, dimensions, the conscious/subconscious, have been a dominant focus of his practice…”

Kevin Heisner’s website

Specific to his work with AR, these concepts are really brought to life through the small virtual characters he creates. These characters, built to accompany his physical works, give an eerie sense that this universe has so much more to offer, much of which we cannot see plainly with our own eyes. At the very least, it does encourage you to stop, look, and think, as previously mentioned. And that’s what Heisner does well – he breathes new life into normal, everyday objects and spaces.

When commenting on art in pandemic times, Heisner said, “On the one hand, virtual communication has enabled us to work remotely and stay in touch, but it also gave a new sense of appreciation to IRL interactions.” 

Because his work is so conceptual and so tied to the community it lives in, Heisner makes it a priority to find the right neighborhood, to get to know the people, and to leave something that he knows the public can appreciate. Collaborating with local artists is a major part of his process: 

“Working with local artists on site specific creations enables me to learn about the community and its uniqueness. I am working with my artist friends in the studio building across the street and look forward to having other organizations such as Brooklyn-based nonprofit J-Collabo as well as NFT residency ONBD curate group shows that features emerging, yet exciting local artists from different disciplines and diverse backgrounds.” 

Kevin Heisner

In addition to his work in Greenpoint, Heisner also operates out of a studio in Bushwick, and frequently participates in group shows and pop up events. Plus, of course, you can find his work online!

Heisner is very active in the NFT universe, and thoroughly enjoys showcasing his work in that capacity, as well as teaching others how to understand and value NFTs. In his explanation, NFTs are a way to support and appreciate digital art/artists in the same ways that you would support an organization you find meaningful, or buy a ticket for an event you enjoy, or a foundation you donate to. 

“NFT is…

Innovation (enabling conceptual work to become tangible digital assets)

Accessibility (facilitate access on a greater scale)

Diversity (giving means of expression regardless of background, age, or gender etc.)

Support (free from traditional sense of financial restrictions to become a creator, direct and immediate interactions between the creators and the supporters)”

Kevin Heisner

Explore Heisner’s (Shlumper’s) NFTs here.

Until 1145 Manhattan Avenue is up and running, you can also find Heisner on Instagram, and keep an eye out for his upcoming exhibitions. 

Twitter: @TheRealShlumper

FB: @KevinHeisner

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