If you’re a cat lover and you have the ability to foster some kittens in need of some love, listen up. Local rescue Whiskers-A-GoGo is looking for caring foster homes for a wide range of available cats and kittens. 

What it Means to Foster

Fostering plays an integral role in the longevity and wellbeing of any cat’s life. Whether they have special needs, are overcoming an illness, or need a bit of help with socialization before they are ready for adoption, fostering gives that cat or kitten a second chance at a happy, healthy life. As a kitten/cat foster parent, you are providing a safe haven for that kitten/cat to grow, heal, and adapt to a loving home environment. 

Whiskers-A-GoGo (WaGG) is looking for foster volunteers who are resourceful and who understand cats. A good foster volunteer is willing to learn, to go the extra mile, and is able to step up when the cat is sick or is in need of a little extra help.

Why Should You Foster?

Fostering means all of the cuddles, none of the commitment!

1. Fostering is a great way to find out if you want to become a permanent pet owner. (Warning: You may fall in love with your foster cat!)

2. If you have children, fostering will expose them to the joy that comes from helping their community and taking care of animals.

3. Fostering saves lives. Being able to place a cat in a foster home literally keeps more animals alive.

4. You will have support from our volunteers, who are ready to answer any questions that might come up!”

WAGG website

If you have never fostered before but you have experience with cats and are interested in trying, WaGG is the place to do it. It’s hard to say how long a cat will be in need of foster care, because every situation is different, but the commitment can be flexible if needed. For example, if you go out of town for a few days, WaGG will take care of the cat. Likewise, if you cannot continue fostering for whatever reason, WaGG can take the kitten back and find it a new home. 

That said, WaGG is hoping to find some foster families who are available for long term arrangements. Many of the long standing foster families WaGG used to work with have been away for summer vacation and/or left the city during the pandemic. If you have experience with cats, and can do your own research in the event that the professionals at WaGG are unavailable to provide immediate assistance, you are a prime candidate for fostering.


There are so many benefits to fostering with WaGG. For starters, you can rest easy knowing that you are saving a kitten or cat from a potentially traumatic shelter environment, and you get a fuzzy friend to love. WaGG also covers all the medical resources that your sick kitty might need. Plus, you get first dibs on your cat/kitten if you do choose to adopt. WaGG has so many “foster fails” (families that end up adopting) that they are actually able to post a “Foster Fail Friday” on Instagram weekly. 

About Whiskers-A-GoGo

“Whiskers-A-GoGo is an all-volunteer cat rescue group based out of North Brooklyn. Our mission is to find loving, permanent homes for abandoned, displaced, and shelter-surrendered cats. 

A registered 501c(3) nonprofit, Whiskers-A-GoGo works to rescue Brooklyn’s cats and kittens in need by saving at-risk cats from shelters, abandoned cats and kittens from the streets, and practicing TNR for community cats throughout Brooklyn.”

WaGG mission statement

Whiskers-A-GoGo hosts adoption events every Sunday at Bushwick Bark from 1-4pm where you can meet some of their special cats and kittens. It is open to the public and when you attend you can have the opportunity to speak with the founder, Eva Prokop, directly about potentially fostering. All foster families will be expected to sign a foster agreement, and you can find the foster application by clicking here.

They are also looking for volunteers to help out if you cannot foster but would still like to be a part of the WaGG community. Reach out to soojin4animals@gmail.com for more information!

WaGG Social Networks:

WEBSITE: https://www.whiskers-agogo.org

FOSTER APP: https://form.jotform.com/200764419139154

EMAIL: whiskersagogo.nyc@gmail.com

IG: @whiskers_agogo


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