North Brooklyn has yet another place to share books!

After reading about Blackbird’s Book Box, a Little Free Library that opened in McGolrick Park earlier this year, Doug McKenzie and his wife, Brandi, were inspired to start their own area to share and trade books.

“Brandi and I saw how much people used the one in McGolrick Park and knew we had to do the same ourselves,” Doug says. “The founders of Blackbird’s Book Box put us in touch with the right people at NYC Parks Department and we got all of the necessary permissions.” As of July 30, the public library is parks department approved.

They installed their own Little Free Library in Cooper Park called Pook’s Book Nook named after their dog Pookie, “who drags us to the park on a daily basis,” Doug says. Like Blackbird’s Book Box, Pook’s Book Nook has its own Instagram account (@pooksbooknook) so people can see what’s available before trekking out to the small box. This Little Free Library also has a website for people to leave comments and ideas on how to best utilize the box, and sign a guest book with book recommendations.

“[We’re] happy to report that the library has been well received by the community and is flourishing,” Doug says of his summer installation.


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