It’s been a strange year for one of Greenpoint’s most popular Polish restaurants. Krolewskie Jadlo, at 694 Manhattan Ave, recently caught local attention when the owner starting posting messages in the closed restaurant’s windows. The printed out notes implied that a labor shortage and feud with another local Polish eatery forced Krolewskie Jadlo’s kitchen to remain closed.

Now, a new Instagram post indicates that the beloved longtime restaurant is no more.

“After 17 years I have to close krolewskie. But thank you it was a nice ride,” reads the post. “This is not only me a lot of small businesses are going down. Now we have to pay unbelievable amounts for employees. Nobody wants to work. We should not forget and put De Blasio and Cuomo for what they have done to jail…”

The post continues with anti-vaccine rhetoric, as well as calls for political action and a threat of self-harm. Commenters voice their disappointment in the restaurant closing and memories at the spot, known for its generous portions and shareable pierogi platters.

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  1. A rambling disjointed note. Very popular with the old crowd in Greenpoint not only polish people. Good food at reasonable prices. Sorry to see it go.

    It doesn’t answer the reason why it closed. Rumors were everything from the rent being jacked up (new owner of building) to a cook being stolen from another polish restaurant to rapidly gentrification of area and loss of old timers in the area.

    Thanks to all the people who worked there and I wish them good luck.

  2. This was a great restaurant. Cuomo and De Blasio are absolute criminals. The long statewide shutdown that was supposed to last just two weeks, the additional indoor dining closures in the winter, the total disincentive to work they created by handing out free money and now forcing restaurants to police vaccines and turn away and alienate customers should all be line items in a criminal indictment.

  3. The owner sounds like a racist person, who can not stop mourning about cheap immigrant labor to serve gentrifiers and fill own pocket type of small business in NY. I am glad that businesses that stole money from workers are gone!! Sorry about customers, but I have no sympathy for this petty bourgeoise.

  4. Another great place being closed due to pandemic. Alot of memories here. All good. The owner has a heart of gold. All the. Waitresses were super.
    Na Zdrowie my friends

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