With the news that New York City will require patrons of indoor venues, restaurants, and fitness facilities to prove that they’ve received at least one dose of the vaccine for entry this September, many Greenpoint and Williamsburg businesses are expediting their restrictions. With so many hospitality businesses working with limited crews (is anywhere not hiring?), checking vaccine status is yet another burden on overworked front of staffers, so remember to be patient and kind as these new restrictions roll out.

Below is a list of businesses that currently require proof of vax to enter, so keep your vaccine card or Excelsior pass ready to gain access:

Businesses requiring proof of vaccine in Greenpoint:

Sama Street

— Broken Land


— Di an Di

— Standards Manual

Businesses requiring proof of vaccine in Williamsburg:

— Diner

— Union Pool


— Llama Inn

— Full Circle Bar

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  1. This is so sad to see people being forced to submit to a medical treatment in order to live normal lives. If the vaccines work, then why can’t vaccinated people be around unvaccinated people? If they don’t work, then why coerce people to take them? I feel like we’re living in a post-reason world fueled by political corruption, corporate collusion and dopamine manipulated social media apps. I’m adding all of these businesses to thegreatcovidboycott.org and encouraging people not to give them their money. Enough is enough.

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