Brooklyn Greenway Initiative has been making Greenpoint even greener for quite some time now. Just this past spring, they planted 40 new trees in the neighborhood and hosted tree walks and bird watching, free of charge. What’s more? BGI is hosting a summer-long event, Greenway Adventures NYC, to guide you through some of the best scenic routes the city has to offer. What better way to spend a vaxxed summer than soaking up the sun and breathing in the fresh, safe air? Meet up with a friend by the Greenpoint waterfront and enjoy an eight mile exploration of our stunning city. 

Bikers, Joggers, Strollers… You Name It

With the help of some eco-friendly partners, BGI has been able to create a solid resource for accessible, inclusive, and beautiful spots and routes around the city. 

Whether you like to explore the city on a bike, on foot, or you’ve been looking for a safe space to push your baby around, Greenway Adventures NYC has you covered. 

Greenway Adventures NYC has scouted out 24 scenic routes throughout the city and is providing guides for each route for you to explore at your leisure. But that’s not all. Each detailed guide comes with a list of hot spots to stop at, places to grab a bite, attractions, public transportation stops, and even available bathrooms along the way!

North Brooklyn Route, photo via Greenway Adventures website

For example, check out the eight mile North Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway Route. The route picks up in Greenpoint near the corner of West St. and India St. and cuts all the way down Kent Ave. through Williamsburg, through the Brooklyn Navy Yard and Dumbo, before stopping at Pier 6 of the Brooklyn Bridge. You can register to access the event guide and receive all the information you need.

North Brooklyn route, photo courtesy of Greenway Adventures website

For cyclists, this particular route is rated with the difficulty level of “beginner.” 

Take Advantage of These Events

If you’re looking for more, Greenway Adventures NYC is also offering a curated list of free activities such as the “NYC Parks History Tour: Brooklyn and the Abolitionist Movement” which occurred on Friday June 18th, and “A guided tour through Willets Point to Flushing Creek” which occurred on Saturday June 19th. 

“Greenway Adventures NYC is a great opportunity for New Yorkers to get back out and explore the city — people can join the free event for guides and pro tips on how to spend a perfect afternoon on greenways and in parks in all 5 boroughs. I’m really excited for people to experience new neighborhoods and treasured local gems they’ve never visited before!”

Remy Schwartz, Director of Development & Administration, Brooklyn Greenway Initiative

Greenway Adventures NYC will continue to release events throughout the summer, and while all events are free, some sign ups are first-come-first-serve. You can subscribe for biweekly emails to learn about each opportunity as it is released.

Additionally, BGI is planning a few more late-summer, early-fall public events in Greenpoint regarding the trees planted earlier this spring. Until then, you can visit the BGI website to find out about more volunteer opportunities.

The Making of the Greenway

The Brooklyn Greenway Initiative was founded in 2004 in pursuit of a safe, pedestrian friendly Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway. Stretching from Greenpoint to Bay Ridge, the 26 miles of protected walkway and bike lanes have been integral to the mental and physical health of New Yorkers. 

According to the Director of Development & Administration Remy Schwartz, outdoor engagement this year has been at an all time high. Given the circumstances, it comes as no surprise that New Yorkers have been venturing out and about (when possible) to find solace in the fresh air. Noticing the increase in traffic on the Greenway, the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative has been excited to harness this momentum to keep expanding as planned.  

With 20 miles completed, BGI is soon to complete the last 6 miles of Greenway as intended. BGI is especially focused on moving the city forward in areas that are generally underfunded and lack safe infrastructure. 

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