As part of Edy’s Grocer‘s ongoing pop-up series, and in honor of pride, the eatery is teaming up with another queer food star for a special dish.

This Saturday, June 26, Dan Pelosi aka @Grossypelosi of Instagram pasta fame, will debut a limited edition dish at Edy’s Grocer.

The Pesto Tahini Pasta Salad will be made with orzo tossed with Genoa salami, heirloom cherry tomato, artichoke hearts, fresh mozzarella, kalamata olives, Persian cucumber, and brined chickpeas, finished with a basil pesto tahini dressing and dukkah. It’s a true collaboration of two cultures. The Pasta Salad will retail for $10 for a small, and $18 for a large. A vegetarian version will also be available upon request.

“We’re so excited to be wrapping up Pride Month together with this delicious Pesto Tahini Pasta Salad! We’ve had a lot of fun combining our Lebanese and Italian backgrounds into this special dish that everyone can enjoy at their picnics, brunches and gatherings this Pride Weekend,” Edy Massih, owner of Edy’s Grocer said. “We are also so happy to be donating a portion of the proceeds to SAGE USA., and including a selection of merch for sale from our friends and local queer-owned business, project Paulie and Limited Edition Grossy Pelosi Pride Tie-dye tees at the pop-up!”

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