Edy’s Grocer‘s weekend chef series is back, this time with a brand new collaboration with The Hungry Gnome, a wholesale and online baked goods company, run by Danielle Sepsy.

The Lebanese-Inspired Bakery Brunch will take place exclusively at Edy’s Grocer (136 Meserole Ave.) from Saturday, March 20 – Sunday, March 21, from 9 a.m. until product sells out.

“It all started with the honey rosemary biscuit Danielle makes with our Edy’s Everything seasoning,” Edouard Massih, who owns Edy’s Groer said. “One day I decided to make it into a sandwich with the Muhammara and pastrami and everyone who took a bite loved it! From that moment, I knew some sort of brunch collaboration had to happen, so we created the pop-up menu, and even named this sandwich ‘The Hungry Grocer Brunch Sandwich’ after it!”

The menu will include:

  • Pistachio Halva Cinnamon Bun: Chocolate date cinnamon roll with tahini glaze + pistachio halva crumble ($8)
  • The Hungry Grocer Brunch Sandwich: Middle Eastern pastrami, pickled turnips + muhammara shmear on a honey rosemary biscuit ($8)
  • Fig & Ricotta Baked French Toast: Challah french toast, homemade thyme ricotta + fig jam with candied walnuts finished with an orange blossom syrup + sweet labneh ($10) 
  • Feta Za’atar Scone :Kalamata olive, roasted tomato + za’atar paste scone, served with spicy tomato jam ($5)

Edy’s previous collab with Woldy Kusina, attracted, as expected, long lines, so don’t postpone your quest for savory scones this weekend. Those who also want a weekend project can join in on a new series of #CookingWithEdy, in which Massih provides the recipe and curated ingredients for an Edy’s Grocer classic, and shoppers can try and recreate their favorite mezze at home.


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