It’s been a while since many of us sat down at a bar and ordered a drink. And requesting a customized cocktail, a signature of the craft cocktail movement, seems like a distant memory, more than a habit bargoers used to engage in on the regular.  Now, Concord Hill (374 Graham Ave.) is trying to recreate the bar experience at-home, with customized bespoke cocktails to-go.

Taking to-go cocktails to the next level, Concord Hill’s new batched bespoke cocktails are crafted by Bar Manager Victor Bautista, a veteran of Il Buco Alimentari, Atla and Crown Shy. He’ll create an original cocktail based on clients’ pre-discussed spirits and flavor preferences. Working with his own infusions and a wide array of spices and other ingredients, Bautista creates drinks with complex flavors that are sure to be unique. 

“The idea for the bespoke cocktails came from all of the specialty infusions that I was doing. Over the summer we started making seasonal house infused shots which we continue to have on our menu,” Bautista said. “People really loved the different flavor profiles and they were always asking about them.” The spirit infusions change regularly, with seasonal options including fig-infused bourbon, chili Aperol, and more infusions of gin, tequila, rum, bourbon and rye with spices, herbs, fruit and vegetables.

“One of our regular couples, who love our infusions, arranged an outdoor birthday dinner at Concord Hill and we thought making a special infusion based drink to show our appreciation to them would be a great gift,” Bautista said of the bar program’s new menu. “We created a name for the cocktail and printed a label for it and the people at the birthday dinner thought that it was a fun idea.” The cocktail, for the regular named Anna, was named the MandarAnna and made with mezcal, mandarin zest, morita chile, lime and tajin.

“We thought why not offer bespoke cocktails upon request for other occasions too?” Bautista said. “I love creating new flavor combinations for the infusions that we use in our cocktails, which our drink menu reflects well, but the bespoke cocktails are customizable and really take it to the next level as I get to learn about the recipients’ preferences and palates.”  


Prices for a 750ml bottle start at $55, depending on the base spirit or spirits. To inquire about creating your own, email

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