Takeout Tuesday, okay takeout everyday, perhaps used to feel like a treat. But now that we’re nearing a full year of shut-in, the special feeling of ordering in may have dissipated a little.

Resy, the restaurant reservation platform used by many of Greenpoint’s trendy restaurants — like Oxomoco, Chez Ma Tante, and Di An Di — teamed up with Amex to add a fun new element to takeout, especially on Tuesdays. The Order In, Help Out campaign will launch on Tuesday, February 16, and run for the following four Tuesdays, through March 16.

Why Tuesday? It’s one of the traditionally slowest days for restaurants, and, let’s be honest, a slump of a day for the work from home crowd too, so why not boost your mid-week mood with some restaurant assistance?

New takeout Tuesday packages, including celebrity curations will launch as the month continues. Any restaurant can participate in the campaign by tapping into Resy and American Express’ downloadable Takeout Toolkits, which include assets like printable posters, social stickers and more.

The program is launching with two local participants: Di an Di and Kokomo.

Kokomo’s new takeout Tuesday package

“Being able to expand into takeout and delivery has helped our business immensely during the pandemic”, said Kim Hoang, owner of Di An Di. “Our takeout business has allowed us to grow our customer base and feed even more people during this difficult time. Our neighbors and regulars who used to dine in with us have continued to support us through takeout orders and we are so grateful for them.”

Di An Di will be offering Lau Bo, Vietnemase Beef Hot Pot for Two. The menu includes fermented shrimp and beef froth with lemongrass, chili braised beef oxtails, braised beef shin meat, sliced raw ribeye, assorted seasonal vegetables, and tofu puffs. Hand-chopped shrimp paste, noodles and dipping sauces are also included, for $100. Add a burner and fuel for $20 to keep the hot pot, well, hot.

“Takeout is a life saver, especially on the extremely cold or snowy days, we are excited for people to take home a taste of the Caribbean from Kokomo,” said Ria Graham, owner of Kokomo, which will be offering jerk chicken, rice and pea and their ever-popular Koko Island pasta with shrimp, for $50. Add two cocktails for an additional $30.

Takeout Tuesday officially launches on Tuesday, February 23.

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