In the mood for takeout, but not trying to break the bank? We’ve all faced this conundrum at some point or another, especially as we continue to support local businesses this year. Luckily, plenty of Greenpoint eateries offer takeout options for under $10 (tax + tips, not included, be generous!).

And while pizza slices and deli sandwiches are staples we Brooklynites definitely depend on, there’s a world of international dining in this neighborhood you can enjoy with one Hamilton. So skip the sink full of dishes and place an order at one of these spots.

Ms. Ohho

Retro-inspired and affordable authentic Korean cuisine all day long is served at Ms. Ohho. The bright and cheery nook offers tasty Korean options under $10 from morning to night. Mouthwatering options under $10 include mandu, Korean deep fried dumplings ($8, a choice of filling), famous Koren chicken wings with soy sauce of sweet and spicy sauce ($9), delectable buns with a choice of meat ($5), kimbap ($8), and ddukbokki (fish and rice cakes) for ($10). Early hours,  pop in for their croissants breakfast sandwiches (maybe not what you were imagining but scrumptious—our go-to is the egg benedict croissant for $8.95). 

Dar 525


Dar 525’s Greenpoint location is on a quiet corner of Driggs with an outdoor dining set-up that will warm the soul, while getting you well-fed. If you prefer to snuggle up at home with cozy Mediterranean fare, the menu offers an array of dips and salads priced at $6 and served with warm fluffy pita. Go beyond hummus (but actually, order that too!) and have the muhamara (a spicy mix of roasted red peppers, cashews, and spices) and batata harra (potato cubes in yumminess). You really can’t go wrong here and affordable entrees abound including falafel wraps ($7), chicken shawarma wrap ($9), a variety of kebab wraps ($9), and all sorts of sides and soups.

Pie Corps

Hand pies are only $6 at Pie Corps! On a crisp winter day a warm, flakey pastry filled with cheeses or meats might be just the nourishment your stomach ordered. Pie Corps offers daily made savory hand pies that are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or an early dinner (they close at 6:30 p.m.) There are lots of eggy options (with mushrooms or bacon and cheese) and a chicken pot pie hand pie worth writing home about. Delectable and meaty Argentinean hand pies recently returned to the menu. Snag yours and devour in McGolrick Park. 

Chicken Pot Pie Hand Pies at Pie Corps

Manhattan 3 Decker Restaurant

This Manhattan Avenue oldie is a go-to spot for greasy spoon diner foods at shockingly affordable prices. Open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. (7 a.m. open on Sundays), here you can get waffles, 3-egg omelets, shrimp cocktails, all manner of triple-decker sandwiches, and burgers for under the $10 mark. 

Taqueria La Norteña

La Norteña has been a late-night Mexican food stalwart of the neighborhood for some time (even during quarantine there still open until 3 a.m.!). The combo of quality and price make it hard to beat. Here you can get nachos ($8 for regular, $10 with meat), a variety of tortas ($8),  tacos ($3), burritos ($9), salads, and a whole lot more for under $10. They also have a top-tier beverages menu that includes Mexican Coke, aguas frescas, and lots of fruit smoothies. 

Amarin Cafe

This no-frills restaurant serves up delicious modern Thai cuisine that will warm your bones. This spot also offers good vegetarian options. With the menu centered under the $20, lots of options fall under $10, including dozens of appetizers you can double up on including spring rolls ($4.75), Thai dumplings ($6.75), crab rangoon ($7), fried taro ($7), and a whole lot more. Classic thai soups Tom Yum Kung ($6.75) and Tom Kha Kai ($5.75) are two filling and affordable options, along with entrees including like Thai basil and garlic and pepper chicken (both at $9.75)

Polka Dot

Morning to night Polish delights are served to go at Polka Dot! Here you can pick up over a dozen polish soups (from $6-6.50, including vegetarian and vegan options). Look for options including the fermented sour rye soup. Of course, you can also find pierogies, meat cutlets, all kinds of salads, and stuffed cabbage under $10. In fact, it seems their whole menu comes in at $10 and below! 

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