For those missing the buzz and cheer of a holiday market packed with unique gifts, ideas for stocking stuffers, and even frisky entertainment, fret not: The City Reliquary in Williamsburg is hosting its second and third outdoor, socially distant Holiday Bazaars this Sunday and next from 12 to 4 PM. (The first successful bout was held last Sunday.) Located at 370 Metropolitan Avenue, The City Reliquary’s in-person oddities and commodities will offer a reprieve from “the toils and tribulations of atrocious online [shopping].”

The poster for the Holiday Bazaar this Sunday and next at The City Reliquary.

Jewelry, baked goods, art, and more will be featured over the next two Sundays, offering visitors the chance to support local Brooklyn creatives. Bringing reusable shopping bags is a gentle suggestion; wearing face masks is a hard requirement. Currently confirmed vendors include Boi Package, String Theories Shop, Nasty Belle, Alexandra Owensby, Mutual Ground NYC, Flow Juggle, Barron Von Soap, and Bluum with shows by artists and drag queens including Fantasy Grandma, Fripp, Glow Job, Earls2Gearls, Miz Jade, and Rickety Cenzo.

Regarding the festivities, Fantasy Grandma noted, “I saw some things I never thought I’d see at my age. I expect to see even more next week.”

“I chose a variety of my favorite drag people who offer a variety of things on each day,” said Charles Quittner, a Williamsburg producer and artist who is curating the entertainment. “It’s all hosted by Fantasy Grandma who is absolutely the funniest performer in nightlife. Very excited that I’m able to spotlight some of my favorite queer performers now more than ever outside the cutest lil history museum in Brooklyn.”

Gift dive and enjoy the playful fun at Williamsburg’s Holiday Bazaar!

“I loved feeling the socially distant holiday spirit and supporting local vendors,” shared Anne Ciarlone, a patron of the event.


“The Reliquary has always been a home Brooklyn artists and musicians. As the summer went on, I saw the need to reconnect with the space and my community. Everyone wanted a safe place to do what they love most,” said Charlotte Chauvin, volunteer at The City Reliquary. “Our backyard garden worked perfectly for the Holiday Bazaar. We were able to space out nine unique vendors more than six feet apart each. We have three different stages in the backyard, so as I was showing one vendor [Bridget Cosgrove of String Theories] where to set up she said ‘It feels so good to be on stage again!'”

On accessibility, The City Reliquary specifies that the main entrance and indoor museum are entirely flat, but there are four steps up and four steps down to the outdoor backyard. The backyard is uneven but has no major steps. Email and the team will happily figure out how to accommodate visitors’ needs.

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