Local bars and restaurants are continuing to get creative attracting clientele to go out during a pandemic. And The Diamond Bar (43 Franklin St.) is no exception. The popular spot has added two new regular events this summer to keep the community entertained and well-fed.

The first, weekend brunch tacos by Howlin’ Taco, will launch on Saturday, September 12, from 2 p.m. – 8 p.m. The partnership will be the pop-up restaurant’s Greenpoint debut, following stints at Reclamation Bar (817 Metropolitan Ave.) and Queens Brewery (1539 Covert St.).

“I live in Greenpoint now, so we’re very excited for our home turf to get a sample of what we’ve been doing elsewhere throughout the city,” says Howlin’ Taco founder William Thompson. “Times have obviously been very stressed navigating a path forward, so businesses coming together only feels right in moments like this.”

Texas-loaded nachos at Howlin’ Taco

The menu will include classic Austin-style breakfast tacos ($3-4), including vegetarian options like the migas taco. Several weekend special items and plates will include Howlin’ Queso, Texas-loaded nachos, real Austin homemade tortilla chips with house salsa and more.

When the weekend taco pop-up is on break, a new beer-in movie night will take advantage of The Diamond’s backyard with movie screenings that are perfect for drinking beer with (e.g. all movies). The Beer-In Movie night will kick off on Tuesday, September 15 (rain date: September 16) with a screening of National Lampoon’s European Vacation. Though Americans aren’t vacationing in Europe any time soon, the movie screening is free, with the purchase of a drink. Free reservations can also be made online for groups of up to 8.


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