A “Say Their Names” memorial is on display at the Williamsburg waterfront (Photo courtesy of Joyce Kam)

A “Say Their Names” memorial for victims of police brutality has popped up on the fence of 50 Kent park in Williamsburg.

Portland was home to the first “Say Their Names” memorial earlier this year and inspired similar displays throughout the country. A 50 Kent version features 187 portraits accented by bouquets of flowers.

“I wanted to put up the installation to continue bringing awareness to the injustices towards the black community,” said Joyce Kam, who organized the 50 Kent memorial.

(Photo courtesy of Joyce Kam)

Following the news of the memorials for victims of police brutality that have popped up in Dallas, Santa Barbara and Seattle, Kam says that she felt moved to act locally in Brooklyn.

“As a resident of Williamsburg, I wanted to display the photos right here in our community to engage with neighbors and friends regarding these important issues that plague our country.”

(Photo courtesy of Joyce Kam)

NYC Parks reopened the public green space for access this month following a delay due to the ongoing pandemic; 50 Kent’s current hours are Thursday – Sunday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., and the memorial is viewable from the sidewalk on Kent Avenue.

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