Construction work at the Greenpoin Library resumed this week.

Construction on the new Greenpoint Library (107 Norman Ave.) has officially resumed as of this week as New York’s pause causes all non-essential work to temporarily cease for a second month.

The library was supposed to open this spring, and project manager Ames O’Neil lead a preliminary tour of the building in February  before the spread of the coronavirus.

Throughout the city construction work sites are becoming active again as they are approved, and last month the city released a map of “essential construction” sites that is updated in real-time to help residents keep track.

A closer look at the green roof of the Greenpoint Library

“We did halt construction like everyone else after 3/27, but we applied for and received an exemption and were able to start up again yesterday,” O’Neal said in an email. “We have a limited number of workers on site, and mostly working outdoors, with appropriate safety measures in place.”

Workers were spotted on Tuesday tending to the green roof of the building; a new completion date for the new Greenpoint Library has not been announced.


Other projects that can continue during the coronavirus shutdown include work on homeless shelters, infrastructure projects, and developments that include affordable housing, such as the mega-development Greenpoint Landing.

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  1. First, I don’t understand why the original long term library that was iconic was torn down and not preserved.

    Then why did its “cutting edge” replacement last such a short time?

    Now we have a library that has started and stopped numerous times I don’t remember.

    I am sure when and if it finally opens it will be deemed “cutting edge, high tech masterpiece” just like the flawed one that opened in LIC near the water recently.

  2. Yes we as the Greenpoint Community are trying to deal with this COVID issue. For the most part I see the neighbors stepping up to the challenge by wearing face masks and staying social distances from others. Keep it up and stay safe.


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