The former Carmine’s Original Pizza in Greenpoint

A Greenpoint pizzeria owner of more than three decades who retired in 2015 passed away last night.

Carmine Notaro owned and operated Carmine’s Original Pizza on Norman Avenue where he fed a dedicated customer base for 35 years.

A note posted on Thursday night by Notaro’s family explains that he was battling dementia at the time of his passing:

It is with deep sorrow that the family of Carmine Notaro share with you that he passed away peacefully this evening after a long battle with dementia. Carmine loved his customers. He was proud to serve you and always wanted to make the best food for you to enjoy. Sharing his food and sharing his stories with each of you brought him great joy. After this crisis has passed, we will celebrate his life!



In February, a new pizza shop opened at the 93 Norman Ave. storefront with a nod to Notaro’s legacy under the name “Greenpoint’s Original Pizza.”

When Carmine’s Original Pizza Closed in 2015, Notaro left a message thanking the Greenpoint community: “I thank every person who ever walked into Carmine’s Original Pizza for your business, your conversation and your friendship. I will remember and miss you all. Each day was truly a pleasure because of you!”

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  1. I knew Carmine as long as I can remember. I worked for him a few years in the middle 90’s. He was like a father figure to me. He will be greatly missed by a lot of people. My condolences to his whole family. It’s a very sad time for all of us. He was a great person.

  2. Carmine, we had a lot of good talks. You taught me a lot. I will always miss you, my friend. Rest in Peace, and I will catch up to in the Palace. Ryan & LuAnn

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