A new installation at the Domino development in Williamsburg is taking shape. Photo: @marc @lucas_scherrer_production

The French street artists JR is working on a large-scale installation with shipping containers on the Williamsburg waterfront at the Domino development that is soon to open.

A Brooklyn Museum multimedia installation “JR: Chronicles” also currently displays work from the artist, whose images usually touch on social issues while utilizing size with massive paste-ups and portraits.

Stacks of over a dozen blue shipping containers were placed in a triangle formation at the Domino development last week. JR posted an Instagram update last Thursday indicating that the Brooklyn Museum and Italian architectural design studio LOT-EK are also partners on the work in progress.

The stacks of shipping containers bring to mind the Vessel sculpture at the Hudson Yards development, although it’s unclear if the Domino installation will also be interactive.

A triangle is formed at the Domino development installation. Photo: @marc @lucas_scherrer_production

A triangle shape was formed with approximately 16 shipping containers as of last weekend, and on Tuesday LOT-EK shared an update commemorating the second triangle in progress.


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