(Courtesy of the North Brooklyn Parks Alliance)

The North Brooklyn Parks Alliance and NYC Parks will host a meeting later this month for neighbors to explore the idea of forming an advisory committee and further the goal of improving open space in North Brooklyn.

NPBA formed in 2003 to “activate, enhance, and expand parks and public spaces” and has since organized a number of stewardship groups at local parks such as Transmitter Park, Java Street Community Gardens and American Playground.

An advisory committee, or community committee, would ideally help brainstorm in an “open forum and independent entity that acts as a platform for information sharing, networking, and – in accordance with our by-laws – provides feedback on our funding priorities for the year,” according to NBPA.

The meeting will take place on January 29th, at 86 Kent Ave. from 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m:

What’s a “Comm Comm?” Comm Comm is our Community Committee, a group of passionate and inspired individuals, groups, and organizations that act as stewards and stakeholders in our parks and open spaces. All are encouraged to take an active advisory and advocacy role on behalf of Park users and the community at large.


In other NBPA news, a park will be constructed under the new new Kosciuszko Bridge after the state granted seven acres of land on the Brooklyn side of the bridge along with $6 million in funding for a park last August. The first phase of the “Under the K Bridge Park” is scheduled to open in summer 2020.

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