Farewell again Brooklyn Bazaar

On this Thanksgiving eve, we’re thankful, for having the opportunity to (twice) had Brooklyn Bazaar in the neighborhood.

There are still tickets available for both of Friday’s shows; upstairs there’s The So So Glos, and downstairs Danny Diablo and Mad Diesel.

Saturday’s final Bazaar show featuring Hank Wood and the Hammerheads is officially sold out.

With an asking price over $10 million, whatever is next for the Polonaise Terrace building likely will not be a venue with live music, pop-up markets, underground wrestling, comedy, karaoke and dance parties, and an all-around quirky vibe.

Farewell again to the Brooklyn Bazaar, and stay tuned for what’s next from co-owners Belvy Klein and Aaron Broudo, who are opening a restaurant and bar in McCarren Park, as announced in a statement last month:


“We will continue operations at Riis Park in Rockaway for years to come, both on the boardwalk and with the immense Bathhouse Lodge hotel and venue project, beginning construction later this coming winter. We also will be opening a restaurant and bar in McCarren Park, with McCarren Parkhouse slated to break ground in summer 2021. There are multiple other potential projects and opportunities on the Brooklyn Bazaar radar as well. Stay tuned.”

A liquidation sale of the Bazaar’s contents is ongoing to clear out inventory from the Polonaise Terrace following this weekend’s shows.

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  1. Why should public space like parks become privatized by individual businesses like them? I have nothing against this particular business, but our parks are precious scarce resources, and in Brooklyn we desperately need more park space for all to enjoy *freely* rather than having to pay money to use it (like in a bar/restaurant). McCarren is regularly overflowing with people using it freely, so we need MORE green space there, not less. There are a million bars and restaurants directly around the park, there is no shortage of directly nearby bar and food options already.

    Who decided to privatize our precious common space? I’m going to join a campaign to stop this theft of our public commons!

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