Courtesy of Old Bay seasoning

A Greenpoint woman was tracked down by representatives from Old Bay Seasoning for the name of her wi-fi network, which she named after the McCormick & Company seasoning.

Zhou randomly set the name of her wi-fi network five years prior to Old Bay Seasoning reps stalking her in Greenpoint. The company sent a man with a sign stating “IF YOUR WIFI NETWORK IS oldbayseasoning DM US @OldBay_Seasoning” to stand near Zhou’s apartment according to TIME:

“The first thing we talked about was how Old Bay found us,” she said. “There was nothing super tech savvy or internet surveillance-like going on. One of the marketers with Old Bay happened to visit the coffee shop next to my apartment. When she saw my Wi-Fi network, she got the idea for this campaign. It was just a random coincidence. She knew enough about the baristas at that cafe for me to know it wasn’t a lie.”

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