Courtesy of NYC Open Data

The Williamsburg waterfront’s long fenced-off North 5th Street Pier and Park are now open to the public and the walkways feature plants, benches, and even AstroTurf.

The piers, located to the South of the North Williamsburg Ferry stop, were under construction for several years as part of the development of the 40-story tower at 2 N 6th Pl, Brooklyn Paper reports

The piers were originally built by Manhattan-based firm Douglaston Development as part of a 2006 Greenpoint-Williamsburg rezoning plan that resulted in the construction of a 40-story rental tower at 2 N. Sixth Place.

In exchange for the rezoning, Douglaston agreed to transform waterfront property near the development into public parkland, which included the N. Williamsburg ferry stop that opened in 2013, along with the two additional piers and a surrounding park the firm says was only recently completed.

But locals claim that the area has appeared finished and fit for public use for more than a year, and wonder why it has remained walled off by traffic barriers and fencing.

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