Williamsburg Streets Flooded During Monday’s Heavy Rain

The streets of Williamsburg flooded on Monday evening during the heavy rain. (via NYC Scanner)

In a week where NYC weather has teetered between extreme heat and heavy rain, a flash flood warning alerted NYC residents of a torrential downpour on Monday evening, preceding the inundation of Brooklyn streets and subway stations with water.

At the corner of Wallabout Street and Throop Avenue in South Williamsburg, a pedestrian was filmed wading through knee-high water to cross the street.

 A video from a vehicle around Wallabout Street in the same location last night shows that the flooding extended to the surrounding streets.

Carroll Street in Brooklyn also flooded:


A video of Williamsburg photographer Daphne Youree clearing the sewer grates on the Long Island Expressway went viral, and Gothamist caught up with the good samaritan.

And last but not least, waterfalls and pooling water were reported at the Prospect Lefferts Gardens subway station and at various flooded stations throughout the city.

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