Greenpoint Avenue from above

The Dept of Transportation will continue repaving streets in North Brooklyn this week.

Here’s the milling and paving schedule for 7/22– 7/26:

07/22/19 :

Greenpoint: Greenpoint Ave (Humboldt St to Monitor St) – and Calyer St (Jewel St to Russell St) –

Williamsburg: Hewes St (Bedford Ave to Marcy Ave)




Greenpoint: Bridgewater St (Meeker Ave to Apollo St), Van Dam St (Meeker Ave to Bridgewater St), and Gardner Ave (Lombardy St to Meeker Ave).

Williamsburg: Hewes St (Bedford Ave to Marcy Ave)



Greenpoint: Gardner Ave (Lombardy St to Meeker Ave)

Williamsburg: Porter Ave (Division Pl to Cherry St) and Morgan Ave (Frost St to Anthony St)



Williamsburg: Randolph St (Varick Ave to Seneca Ave) and Porter Ave (Flushing Ave to Johnson Ave)



Williamsburg: Cook St (Manhattan Ave to Bogart Ave) and Varet St (Manhattan Ave to Humboldt St)

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