(courtesy of the Lot Radio)

The Lot Radio (17 Nassau Ave.), an independently owned and operated internet radio station across from McCarren Park, can resume selling drinks and snacks from its neighboring kiosk after the Dept. of Health shut it down last January.

Beer, wine, espresso drinks, and snacks will once again be available at the Lot Radio (with a few new items like sake) starting May 1st. “The kiosk is there to support the radio, so we’re excited to welcome people back,” owner Francios Vexelaire said.

The Lot Radio (kiosk on the right)

“Since the shutdown, we had [a] constructive and positive conversation with the Department of Health to get some code modification approved by them,” Vexelaire said, adding that the Office of Nightlife was a major help during the process.

Part of the solution for Vexelaire involved the Lot Radio’s employee bathroom facilities, as the porta-potties at the corner of Banker Street and Nassau Avenue were not up to standards.


Across the street, San Damiano Mission Church’s bathrooms are accessible for staff in an agreement with the Lot Radio. “Basically it always existed, the relation with the church, it’s just that now it’s officially approved as an operation by the Department of Health,” he said.

In celebration, the Lot Radio is hosting a reopening party at Market Hotel (1140 Myrtle Ave.) on Saturday, May 4th starting at 9 p.m.

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