196 Freeman St. (Via NYC Housing Connect)

A handful of new “affordable” apartments have hit the market via the NYC Housing Connect lottery. The former three-story mixed-use building at 196 Freeman St. between Manhattan Avenue and Mcguinness Boulevard was demolished to make way for the construction of the new four-story building with 10 apartments; apply by May 6th.

At 196 Freeman St. a one-bedroom unit is available for $2,544 per month for one to two occupants with an annual household income between $87,223 – $108,550. Market rate one-bedroom units at the building are listed for $2,850 per month.

Also available at 196 Freeman St. are a pair of two-bedroom apartments for $3,050 per month for two to four occupants with an annual household income between $104,572 – $135,590. Market rate two bedroom units are listed for $3,530 per month.

196 Freeman in 2014 (via Google Maps)

Amenities at the building include a roof deck and a bike storage room, (laundry, gym access and parking will come with additional fees).



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  1. This is not affordable. 10 tenants had to lose there apartments to make the landlord rich. This is the mayor’s Tale of Two Cities. The real estate industry and the rest of us.

  2. Hahaha. Are people making $87K considered poor folk who need “affordable” housing now? Holy cr@p how far we’ve fallen.

    What does that make the average NYer with a salary of 50K? My god what is happening to this city…

  3. Affordable? What a joke. First of all the outside looks like a prison no matter how many amenities it has. You could have rented this “affordable” $2544 one bedroom type back in the day for $100 a month.

    Back then the landlord could not make a profit, now it is affordable to only to the well to do.

    Society never learns.

  4. Hello my nme is Dexter Emmanuel i am looking for a one bedroom i have section 8 VOUCHER plus i have a job. I am looking for something in bushwick or bed stuy only.Can you help me Thank You.

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