Inside the bustling Greenpoint Loft (photo: Ben Shirai)

The Greenpoint Loft was buzzing with amore and filled with the sentimental vibes of Valentine’s days past on Sunday afternoon. The stunning space was packed with incredible vendors, excited shoppers, supportive sponsors, and community members who came together for a lovely day of shopping, music, photos, and fun activities.

On the roof deck of Greenpoint Loft (photo: Ben Shirai)

(photo: Ben Shirai)

Perhaps the most heartwarming was just watching all of these local businesses come together. Adelina brought out their scrumptious vegetarian menu. Local celebrity fashion designer Elisa Jimenez—who dressed Courtney Love and competed on Season 4 of Project Runway—displayed her latest work, gave love blessings, and did free tarot.

Painted rose garden by artist Colleen Blackard (photo: Julia Moak)

Vibes were already high, but that blissful energy was definitely supported by delicious drinks from Greenpoint Beer & Ale, lovey dovey rosewater gimlets with Brooklyn Gin and BRINS jam. Some even got cozy with delicious mulled wine from BABE Wine on the amazing roof deck. Those city skyline views never get old.

Winter was not so bad inside the cozy Greenpoint Loft (photo: Julia Moak)

It might have been chilly outside, but true love was alive and well! Our bands, Love Always and Kendra Morris, kept the atmosphere dreamy throughout the day with amazing performances that got the room moving and shaking.

Love Alway band rocked out with sweet tunes (photo: Ben Shirai)
Kendra Morris sings (photo: Ben Shirai)

The ladies of local poetry and performance collective Ars Poetica were dressed to the vintage nines as they typed up poems on antique typewriters. Between tapping away at amorous sonnets, they popped over to our photo booth to take a few fun snaps.

Ars Poetica wrote poems on typewriter for our guests (photo: Ben Shirai)
Ars Poetica at our photo booth (photo: Gus Ponce)

We had more kids than any previous market, proving that love has been alive and well in Greenpoint this year, too! Luckily, we also had more activities than ever before.

Nail artist Peenk at work (photo: Ben Shirai)

From nail art to face painting and paper rose crafts with Success Academy, there were plenty of activities to choose from. The dreamcatcher-making workshop was packed with creative little makers all day long.

Living the Dream Catchers had a full table of makers all day (photo: Ben Shira)
One day these girls will have to do a reenactment of these (photo: Gus Ponce)

Visitors lined up for the vintage rose photo booth hand painted by local artist Colleen Blackard with sweethearts, friends, family, and props! You can browse the full gallery to your heart’s content, but here are a few of our favorite snaps… (all photo booth photos by Gus Ponce)

If you think this sounds like the perfect way to spend the Sunday before v-day, you’re right! See more photos of the event here and be sure to follow us on social and join the mailing list and you’ll be the first to hear about future markets—including our Spring market, coming up this April.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Greenpoint!


View of the NYC skyline from the roof deck at Greenpoint Loft (photo: Ben Shirai)


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