Meet Michael Kabram: NYC native and holistic acupuncturist

Fall has arrived and with it comes sweater weather, Halloween, and perhaps a visit to a doctor for that cold your co-worker gave you or that carpal tunnel from your guitar skills. Before you visit your primary western physician, consider a more holistic view on your health at Michael Kabram Acupuncture — a space that promotes the health and healing already inside your own body.

Michael Kabram, a NYC native, customizes each treatment to the individual and utilizes not just Chinese and Japanese acupuncture; but also Japanese herbalism, Moxibustion, electro-stimulation, cupping, and bodywork to release pain and blocked energy. By using a large range of modalities, his mission is “giving people the space to heal themselves.”

Trained in Acupuncture Physical Medicine, he uses the Japanese Acupuncture rather than just the traditional style. This means smaller needles; generally delivers a more accurate treatment. “We are doing the distal needling and the traditional way; but then we’re also doing the local tendon-muscular fascia release too.” In layman terms, he’s not just opening the “internal energetic pathways or meridians”, but also the external ones giving you improved blood and energy flow. “We needle directly to open up these fascial pathways in the actual injured area… it tends to deal with pain better than some more traditional methods.”

Though touted for its ability to manage chronic pain, most of us don’t realize acupuncture has a much wider range of conditions it treats. Michael explains, “there can be blockages in the body internally and externally so we can have internal imbalances that causing things to not function properly giving us pain, anxiety, sleep problems, fertility problems, digestive issues.’ But by opening up both the internal and external energy pathways and combining with other therapies, you’re over that cold in a day rather than a week.


If you’re feeling sniffly, he recommends to make an appointment the moment you feel unwell. You’ll leave with a personalized plan to shorten whatever malady (chronic or acute!) is draining you that includes herbal therapy from his stock of completely vegan, cruelty free herbs and/or his own homemade liniments.

If you mention “Greenpointers” when you book your appointment, you’ll receive 30% off your initial appointment.

He offers treatment for:
Musculo-Skeletal Disorders: acute or chronic injury, sprains, or strains,  Back pain, Neck pain,Hip and Knee pain, Sciatica, Arthritis, Pain Management
Respiratory Disorders: Seasonal allergies, Asthma, Common cold, Sinusitis, rhinitis
Digestive/ Gastrointestinal Disorders: Acid Reflux, IBS, Constipation/Diarrhea, Bloating
Gynecological Disorders: Fertility, Dismenorrea, Amenorrea, Menorragia, PMS, menopause symptoms
Cardiovascular Disorders: Hypertension, circulatory disorders
Psychological Disorders: Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Insomnia, hypersomnia
Skin Disorders of a wide variety
Headaches and Migraines

Michael Kabram Acupunture is in network for Oscar and Cigna; he also offers packages and payment plans. Call (917) 647 6120 or Email Michael to make an appointment.

Michael Kabram Acupuncture is located at 37 Greenpoint Ave Suite A2B, Brooklyn, NY

Sponsored by Michael Kabram Acupuncture: Michael Kabram Acupuncture are Eastern Medicine Practitioners that combine multiple styles of Acupuncture in order to cater specific treatments to each individual. With this unique approach they are able to treat a wide range of issues, from anxiety, digestion, gynecological, and sleep, to muscle, joint pain from an injury, or just everyday life. Caring, Compassion, and Deep attentive listening are paramount in all sessions.

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