Yesterday we re-grammed a photo by Entertainment Tonight of mega popstar Justin Bieber and his fresh-faced fianceé Hailey Baldwin spotted at Greenpoint’s own Frankel’s Deli (631 Manhattan Avenue). The 200+ comments on the photo were interesting, to say the least. Apparently people have strong opinions about The Beebs haunting Greenpoint’s most well-known (not necessarily “best,” that’s up for debate) bagel shop, and about Frankel’s food. This Bieber sighting even has some folks starting to look for a new apartment—maybe that’s a bit rash, guys? But you do you.

Anyway, here are our favorites:

untruth — To be fair you do need his kind of income to afford a lox bagel at Frankels

gravyandgold — they look like every other couple in greenpoint


natestradamus — Welp. Have to unfollow y’all now

adampmurphy — Who dese people?

johnbcole — first starbucks now this. greenpoint is dead.

kinofliberty — So greenpoint has died. Lol.

levimonarch — First Starbucks, now this….

jaymieivler — There goes the neighborhood!

lmariecook — There goes the neighborhood

kastout_sd — Sorry. We have to move now.

fleursdoranger — Are they sad about…carbs?

djtopofny — #PASTRAMI

stuartcarterhirsch — “Is it too late now to say pastrami?

itsalrightwerealright — @frankelsdeli did they go full sour or half?

viva1amona — celebrities love that overpriced lox

katymactivities — Tbh I’m more interested in the

whezingthejuice — The expression on their faces is exactly how I feel about Frankels bagels.

edit_and_chill — 15 $ for lox and cream cheese on a stale bagel… fuck this place. Oh look beebs!

jtoz — Crazy. Mostly because I thought that was Chad Kroeger [Ed: of Nickelback]

elocin211 — how is she not hot as hell! humidity is fierce today

sterms — Aww isn’t that cute. He thinks he knows how to wear a hat like people.

stevekisko — Did BeeBee get a head transplant? Since when does he look like that
drmuonfunk28 — @stevekisko since he’s no longer 12.
stevekisko  — @drmuonfunk28 well even a year or two ago he didn’t look like this but let’s all just stay calm

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