The Grand St. Bridge, via

The Grand Street Bridge has been shuttling New Yorkers between Maspeth and Brooklyn since 1903. But, after 115 years of service, the span across Newtown Creek needs a facelift. To make it happen, the Department of Transportation has requested proposals for a new Grand Street Bridge, and for demolition of the old structure.  

Built before the advent of the Model T, and long before thousands of people were motoring through on the daily, the antique bridge is technologically outdated. At just 19 feet wide, cars just squeak past each other when going in opposite directions, and when large vehicles, such as city busses, cross, others have to wait and make way. As a result, there’s always traffic on the bridge.

But, congestion isn’t the only thing getting the getting the Grand Street Bridge down. The span was also hit hard when Newtown Creek flooded during Hurricane Sandy, and the bridge deteriorated a great deal due to the storm.

The bridge’s new life will officially begin next May, when design work for the new span is set to kick off. Plans are expected to be finalized by October 2020. Construction will commence in 2023, and the new bridge should open to traffic in November 2026.

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