NuHart Plastics site

Once the site of a Halloween rave that never happened, and the superfund site of a former plastic manufacturer, NuHart Plastics is the location proposed for a new Greenpoint school as part of a deal with new development Greenpoint Landing. But community members are up in arms—because superfund does not equal superfun—and hundreds of locals have signed a petition to protest the school being plopped down on the site. Tonight, there’s a meeting you can attend to discuss the matter. Councilman Levin’s office is hosting the meeting along with Neighbors Allied for Good Growth.

WHAT: Community meeting on NuHart Superfund site and proposed school
WHEN: Thursday, June 28th | 7pm
WHERE: Dupont St Senior Center | 80 Dupont Street

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  1. It’s kind of creepy and weird how NAG refuses to acknowledge they were willing to overlook the toxic site, back in 2013 and now they’re erasing the people who took a stand as NAG acted the part of ambassador for the developers. I’m grateful they’ve since taken interest, but wtf?

    1. Will they take interest in the underestimated rainfall for CSO calculations? The compromised person to open space ratio? Etc… Perhaps this is what to expect from people who think compacting garbage is a solution to growth.

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