Gravitational Space, Alison Kudlow

Once a year, hundreds of Greenpoint artists open up their studio doors to the public for a unique peek inside their process. This year’s Greenpoint Open Studios is happening June 2nd & 3rd, and promises an exciting weekend of art in every medium— from fiberarts to virtual reality to painting to architecture and more. Here are six of our favorite sculpture artists you should definitely check out while you cruise the neighborhood that weekend.

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Alison Kudlow | sculpture
255 Calyer St, third floor, 8A

Based in Greenpoint for about five years, Kudlow’s sculptures explore the sun, cosmos, gender and the ethereal, through the physical translation of her sculptures using a few different mediums: glass, ceramics, resins, and thread. This year, she is creating a body of work specifically to show during Open Studios.

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Howard Kalish

Howard Kalish | sculpture
221 Banker St., Ground Floor

A visit to Howard Kalish’s expansive space on Banker Street is nothing short of delightful. His oversized and technicolor pieces defy gravity and seem to literally sprout from a happy giant’s imagination. Kalish has created abstract, large-scale public art pieces all across the country, but his current body of work brings him back to focusing on the human form.

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Stephen Balamut

Stephen Balamut | sculpture
80 Oak Street

Much of Stephen Balamut’s sculpture work, created from wood sourced directly from the forest or from a lumber yard, has a way of immediately grounding you in a way that you might not expect an artist who’s lived in the urban landscape of Brooklyn for 75+ years could achieve. One of his most striking pieces (literally) was carved out of a tree found in the forest that had been hit by lightning, and he carved out the 8-foot-tall form by following the path that the lightning took—a “shape made by God.”

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Abby Lloyd

Abby Lloyd | sculpture
255 Calyer Street, 3rd Fl

Abby Lloyd’s figures create sort of a teenage rebel version of Precious Moments, as if her characters were the cool artsy girls who smoked under the bleachers or skipped school to steal lingerie from Victoria’s Secret at the mall. Her sculptures confidently tow the line between innocent and mature, nailing that perfectly awkward balance between adolescent and adult.

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via Stacy Fisher on Instagram, her work from Greenpoint Open Studios 2017

Stacy Fisher | sculpture
255 Calyer Street, 2nd Floor, #9

Colorful tension creators, Stacy Fisher’s sculptures are purely visual representations of everyday moments, seemingly snippets of life blown up to vibrant abstractions. They’re monuments to life and our own patterns of emotion and humanity.

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James Dinerstein

James Dinerstein | sculpture
1205 Manhattan Avenue, Room 1-2-4

James Dinerstein’s large-scale clay sculptures evoke the feeling of lost time, as if time was represented by architectural flourishes, sagging like aging skin or melting like candle wax. They’re a beautiful balance of self-destructive elegance.

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