Minus The Bear, via Instagram

Jubilant cheers rang out the moment the band stepped on stage. The hearts of every concert-goer were sincerely invested in this night. While many shows have a similar energy, very few manage to sustain it the entire night. It was truly mind blowing that Seattle indie rockers Minus The Bear were able to keep it going last Thursday night at Warsaw (261 Driggs Avenue).

Their current tour pays homage to their 10-year-old album Planet of Iceand last Thursday their raw sonic power created a planet of sweat on stage. The high energy performance featured the album in its entirety, and then the band continued their set by playing more of their classics. The crowd at Warsaw was celebratory, in a daze from a spring-like day, ready to rock out. Looking around the venue, almost everyone felt the need to do more than nod their head. People were dancing, hugging and singing along. Minus The Bear honed in on a particular style of wistful emo-rock that’s stood the test of time.

The band has a true connection with their fans, which was evident in their gracious performance. Their enthusiasm and effortlessness remains as youthful as any emerging indie band’s, despite the fact they’ve been playing together since 2001. Their newest touring member, Joshua Sparks, met that same high-level standard on the drums.

The Planet of Ice tour started in Orlando and ends in Seattle on June 13. The tour will hit up various cities from Austin to Los Angeles and various others in between. Atlanta rockers The Coathangers opened for Minus The Bear at Warsaw, and will join them on the tour until the end of May, when The New Trust will open the rest of the shows.


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