Greenpoint Gallery Night is celebrated this Friday, all over the neighborhood

Spring is here, at long last, and Earth Day is just around the corner. Art kicks into high gear this season — there’s Greenpoint Gallery Night (with a guide to the fun here), our Gardens of the Galaxy Spring Market, then Greenpoint Open Studios June 2 and 3, and more. Check out some highlights for the upcoming, biannual Greenpoint Gallery Night (taking place all over the neighborhood on April 20 from 6–9 PM), and explore the latest artistic (and terrestrial) happenings this Earth Day week!

Show Art from the poetry (and scent)-infused feminist show, “The Thing to Miss Most”

The Thing to Miss Most
Areté Venue and Gallery | 67 West Street
April 19 | 7 PM
More info, $15 at the door

Written, performed and directed by Christina Poblador (Goldie) and Ankita Mishra, “The Thing to Miss Most” is an exploration of both artists’ connections to their respective homelands in the Philippines and Northern India. Weaving together poetry, scent and movement, Mishra and Poblador create a multi-sensory experience through which lessons from the feminine immigrant experience can be shared.

Lydia Fong, Alicia McCarthy, Todd James & Steve Powers
Muddguts | 427 Graham Avenue
April 20 | 6pm-8pm
More info, Free


New Graham Avenue art spot Muddguts is hosting an opening reception this Friday for the well-known street artist Barry McGee (under the ghost art name Lydia Fong), sign painter Steve Powers, rainbow painter Alicia McCarthy, and pop portrait painter Todd James.

Joanne Ungar, Sensodyne 03, 2017; Beeswax, pigment and cardboard on wood

Calico | 67 West Street, Suite 203
April 20 | 6–9 PM
More info, Free

This opening reception will be in conjunction with Greenpoint Gallery Night, bringing into conversation the work of five artists: Richard Bottwin, Takuji Hamanaka, Magda DeJose, Andrew Kennedy, and Joanne Ungar. They work in a variety of mediums, including collage, ceramics, encaustic, sculpture, printmaking, and painting. Their approaches tend to highlight the notion of “surface” while also investigating relationships of color, shape and depth (both literal and perceived).

Jessica Perelman’s first solo show at the Peephole

At Home with Ambiguity
The Peephole at Clay Space 1205 | 1205 Manhattan Avenue, Suite 241
April 20 | 6–9 PM
More info, Free

For At Home with Ambiguity, Jessica Perelman’s first solo show at Peephole, Jessica will show paintings alongside painterly sculptures. Evoking the feminine and decorative while staying humorous, grids, flowers, and animals all occupy the same wonky world without regard to the real in this fresh take.

The Black Rock Negative Energy Absorbers
Areté Venue | 67 West Street, Suite 103
April 20 | 6–10 PM
More info, Free

Rudy Shepherd, Brian Alfred, Ethan Meyer and Christoph Knoche will perform healing music as The Black Rock Negative Energy Absorbers. This performance combines elements of jazz improvisation, experimental/noise music, and performance art to create a type of seance in which the performers and viewers are lifted out of the current political moment and brought to a place of cathartic release.

Earth Day Mural Project
118 Graham Avenue at McKibbin Street
April 22 and 23 | All Day
More info, Free

Sacred Arts Research Foundation will be partnering with Artolution, The Golden Drum, M.A.I.S.C and the Borinquen Plaza Community Center YMCA of North Brooklyn to create a collaborative mural in the neighborhood of North Brooklyn at 118 Graham Avenue at McKibbin Street. This community mural project will be a free public event for families to attend and participate in the completion of a public work of art. There’ll be food! There’ll be neighbors! There’ll be art!

Gardens of the Galaxy Spring Greenpointers Market
Greenpoint Loft | 67 West Street
April 22 | 1–7 PM

More info, Free

Haven’t had enough art? Come see what your neighborhood vendors are selling! Local craft(wo)men abound, explore blossoming quasars, and join the constellation of inspiration known as Greenpointers Gardens of the Galaxy Spring Market!
60+ highly curated vendors plus FREE fun activities including:
Space Garden art installation for the Photo Booth
Henna Tattoos by Miss V
Tarot Card Readings by Hannah Frishberg
Nail Art by Peenk
3D Scans and Digital Avatar Creation by Capture Me In 3D
Rooftop Yoga by Hosh Yoga
Face painting by Greenpoint YMCA
DJ session by The Josh Craig

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