Who said it ain’t easy being green?

If you didn’t get a chance to check out the local art here in the historic Leviton building during last year’s Greenpoint Open Studios, here’s a good reason to venture out to 276 Greenpoint Ave before the next one on June 2-3 (Mark your calendars!):  Greenpoint-based artist, CJ Hendry’s MONOCHROME is an immersive art installation where you can wander through seven rooms, designed in high saturation Pantone colors. Our favorite color, is of course the green kitchen.

Follow the yellow dots into a dark industrial hallway to the freight elevator, which will eventually open up into an expansive raw warehouse space that hosts the makeshift rooms. 

The experience of wandering around the rooms, jumping into a tub full of pink teddy bears, lying on a yellow bed, hopping into a purple tub, feels somewhat surreal. Like you are in some kind of candy-coated dream.


Ironically, CJ Hendly is known for her hyperrealistic black and white drawings, like this one that took 500 pens to make and sold for charity benefiting NYC youth.

But she hasn’t taken a complete departure from her traditional style – the crumbled up Pantone cards on the walls of the rooms are hyperrealistic drawings. These sold out within 12 minutes of the opening of the show. If you want to pick up a CJ Hendry original though, don’t fret – there’s only a two year wait list.

Exhibit is open in the Leviton Building (276 Greenpoint Ave) until April 8th from 10AM-5PM.

All photos by Julia Moak

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