Yoga with goats. It’s a thing. Image via NY Goat Yoga

Holistic wellness and convening with nature is so on trend right now, and so it only makes sense that the next cool thing would be Goat Yoga. Aside from being the cutest farm animals ever with their playful demeanor and crazy rectangle eyes, baby goats have a natural ability to calm and delight everyone around them. NY Goat Yoga, usually based upstate in Gilbertsville, is popping up in Bushwick (at 74 Ingraham St) in April, May and June for both Goat Yoga classes and Goat Yoga Happy Hours. You can view their full schedule on Facebook.

Via NY Goat Yoga:

“The mission of our Brooklyn Pop-Up studio is to teach yoga and to educate our students on the benefits and healing powers of human-animal connection. Goats are animated, curious, intuitive and gentle animals. They enjoy human interaction and not only connect with humans, but help humans connect with each other. Goat Yoga is also an example of reinvention and creativity used to sustain rural and farm life. Unfortunately, many New York farms go out of business every day, leaving the new generations of farm families facing reinvention or extinction. Goat Yoga is one of many creative ways new generations of farmers are bringing awareness to their farms and are able to sustain their lifestyle.

Photo via NYGoatYoga on Instagram

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