Dirty Circus Variety Show @ House of YES (2 Wyckoff Avenue), 7pm, $20-50,A variety show dedicated to the raw & the raunchy, Buy Tix
POLAR Screening With Live Score @ Magick City (37 Box Street), 7pm, $10, A BFI National Archive Presentation of “THE GREAT WHITE SILENCE”The official record of Captain Scott’s legendary expedition to the South Pole. With live Score! Buy Tix
♫ Azonic, Brown Angel, Marc Edwards/Mick Barr, Kevin Hufnagel @Saint Vitus (1120 Manhattan Avenue), 8pm, $12, Buy Tix
Animal House Free Screening @ Brooklyn Bazaar (150 Greenpoint Avenue), 8pm, FREE, More info


Field for Ballads: Reading and Artist Walkthrough @ Calico Brooklyn (67 West Street Ste. 203), 7pm, FREE, Come join us as the artists of ‘Field for Ballads’ take you through their work and ideas. The night will begin with a reading by poet Hannah Aizenman and will continue as a discussion with artist Hannah Hill on process and inspiration, More Info.
 Film Screening: Blissville Stories @ Kingsland Wildflowers (520 Kingsland Avenue), 7:30pm, FREE, Blissville Stories is a documentary film about the Queens neighborhood bounded by Newtown Creek, the Long Island Expressway, and Calvary Cemetery. We will be joined by filmmaker Hank Linhart for a short Q&A, More Info
♫ The Vacant Lots, VOWWS, De Lilith @ St. Vitus (1120 Manhattan Ave.), 8:00 pm, $10, Buy tix
Iron Chic, Bigwig, Teenage Halloween, Ellen & the Degenerates @ Brooklyn Bazaar (150 Greenpoint Avenue), 8pm, $12, Buy tix
Mau5trap | BlackGummy/ ATTLAS/ Rinzen @ Output (74 Wythe Avenue), 10pm, $15-20, Buy tix



Idle Tales Art-prayer Exhibit Opening @ The Park Church Co-op (129 Russell Street), 6pm, FREE, Women were the first to hear the news that Jesus was risen from the tomb, but the men considered their report “idle tales.” Maybe we could have called it “Mansplaining the Resurrection.” More info
^ Venefica Magazine Launch Party @ Catland (987 Flushing Avenue), 7pm, FREE, magazine pre-order $25, Venefica Magazine is a community-supported publication released on the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes. It is Catland’s premiere publication, and features commentary, art, poetry, and spell craft from a selection of our favorite occulture writers & artists. More Info
The Garden of Cult 23 – Open Mic/Performances @ GAMBA Forest (17 Division Place), 8pm, Donation, Come and meet us and be initiated into the group by sharing with us your music, spoken word, dance, poetry and anything in between, More info
Drop Dead Georgeous Drinking Game @ Videology (308 Bedford Ave), 11:59pm, $15,Drink along to the movie! Take a drink for any mention of “Jesus,” “Amer-I-can,” and every time a new contestant bites the dust. Full guidelines will be provided at the event! Buy tix


Susanna ‘Go Dig My Grave’ feat. Giovanna Pessi, Frode Haltli & Cheyenne Mize @ The Park Church Co-op (129 Russell Street), 7pm, $15-17, Buy Tix
Artists in Action @ South 4th Bar (90 South 4th Street), 7pm, FREE, Artists in Action is the latest series of works by Chris Smith aka subtexture More Info
The Penske File, Playing Dead, Night Surf, Turkish Royals @ Gold Sounds (44 Wilson Avenue), 7pm, $8, Buy Tix
♫ Feeling Gloomy Presents: This Was Hardcore @ Brooklyn Bazaar (150 Greenpoint Avenue), 10pm, $5,The night will be filled with music, art, love, britpop, Buy tix


* Fascination Street Spring Market 2018 @ Brooklyn Bazaar (150 Greenpoint Avenue), 12pm, FREE,Punk, rock n roll, goth, kawaii, Lolita fashion/jewelry/art, oddities and MORE. More Info
^ All Strangers Are Kin Book Release: Paperback @ Quimby’s (536 Metropolitan Avenue), 7pm, FREE, It’s about daily life in the Arab world, the kind you never see in newspapers, More info
MGMT – 2nd show added @ Brooklyn Steel (319 Frost Street), 7pm, $45, Buy Tix
Necrot, Skullshitter, Syndromes, Pyrolatrous @ St. Vitus (1120 Manhattan Ave), 8pm, $12-15, Buy Tix



* Night Mayor Panel – NAC March Meeting @ Secret Project Robot (1186 Broadway), 7pm, FREE,Join the NYC Artist Coalition’s March Meeting for a panel discussion on the NEW NYC NIGHT MAYOR!, More info.
♫ Weathers @ Baby’s Alright (146 Broadway), 6pm, $15-20, More info
Nana Grizol, Loamlands, and Kid in the Attic @ Brooklyn Bazaar (150 Greenpoint Ave), 8pm, $10, Buy Tix
Closer /// Stay Inside /// Digest (toronto) /// Trophy Hunt @ The Silent Barn (603 Bushwick Avenue), 8pm, $7, More info


# Cookbook Club: Honey From a Weed @ Archestratus (160 Huron Street), 7pm, FREE,Drop by with your favorite dish from Honey From a Weed. It’s a Potluck Party! More info
Dan Auerbach and The Easy Eye Sound Revue featuring Robert Finle @ Brooklyn Steel (319 Frost Street), 7pm, $50, Buy Tix
Whipstriker (Brazil), Throaat, and Sangrad @ St. Vitus (1120 Manhattan Avenue), 8pm, $10, Buy tix
Tutu Tuesday w/ Claudius Raphael & Meagan Lee Farrell @ TBA Brooklyn (395 Wythe Avenue), 9pm, FREE, More info

* Greenpointers Pick
♫ Music
^ Literary Event
Art & Film
Comedy Event
# Foodie Event
Pheremones Likely

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