New DEP Garbage Grabbers are cleaning Newtown Creek

via NYC Water Flickr

Here at Greenpointers, we love getting down and dirty with the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. On Tuesday, that complex kicked it up a notch further when the Department of Environmental protection unveiled 4 brand new “Newtown Creek Litter Capture Devices.” These underground garbage grabbers are designed to trap pollutants in the waterway and direct them towards the plant, where they can then be hauled to landfills. The project required three years of construction and cost the City 42 million dollars. 

Because it’s the largest, the Newtown Creek plant might be the king of all the wastewater treatment plants in the city, but all area’s strainers are in Queens. Patch reports that they are stationed at 47th Avenue and 29th Street, Rust Street and 56th Drive, Troutman Street and Saint Nicholas Avenue, and at 455 Johnson Ave.

While Newtown Creek might be closest to our homes or to our hearts, the DEP is spreading the love to New York’s other waterways. Both the Bronx River and the Gowanus Canal are sporting similar strainers.

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