This week from February 2-3, party collective and record label Rinsed/The Umbrella are presenting their latest immersive show and music video experience, which examines the internet’s most tortured souls—social media influencersat a secret North Brooklyn location. The satirical performance titled Under The Influencer uses a 360º hexagonal stage with surround sound pumping an original electronic score. The custom stage is set up so that the audience will constantly rotate to experience different vignettes around them. Three video screens will be playing music videos, and three stages will show live action interludes to tell the narrative. Each night there are two shows, one at 8pm and the other at 10pm.

Tickets are $15, and we are giving away a FREE pair of tickets to a show at whichever day and time you choose! To enter, visit our Facebook page via the form below and enter your email. Winners will be notified at the end of the day on Wednesday January 31st, and receive location info.

Under The Influencer Feb 2-4 — 2 Tickets!

More info from Rinsed:

“Prepare for a devastatingly raw performance by [multimedia artist] Jordan Sarah, as he takes off the gorilla glass and gives it to you IRL. He is supported by Annie Georgia Greenberg from Refinery29, who is stepping out of her role as an actual influencer with immense self-awareness. The story focuses on a famous Instagram influencer, who at the height of his notoriety grapples with some preposterous and privileged personal crises. Our anti-hero sabotages himself to feed his ego, and ends up back where he started, albeit with his soul and dreams thoroughly crushed. It’s a voyage and return, a comedy and a tragedy, turning the lens on our obsession with the lifestyle genre.”


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