From Twitter to Terror! A misleading persona via ABC7

We’ve all heard our fair share of roommate horror stories, but this one might take the cake. Greenpoint resident Pinar Yolacan was forced to share her apartment for months with a pair of serial squatters, and several of their cats. Neither the pair nor the cats were paying rent, and the entire party refused to leave. Even formal eviction notices did not resolve the ongoing horror story.

ABC7’s “7 On Your Side Investigates Team” found that the chief squatter, Maria Sevely, had falsified her professional credentials, and online persona, in order to appear to be a suitable tenant, but in fact has stacked up a list of evictions for failing to pay rent that stretches across state lines, and back to the early 1990s. Her most recent eviction, before she installed herself in Yolacan’s apartment, was also in Greenpoint, on Dobbin Street.

Thankfully, there are tools out there for screening potential tenants or roommates. Good luck, Greenpoint.

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    1. I had a similar situation. The tenant left, having wrecked my apartment and owing four thousand dollars. My landlord – a lawyer – said I was very lucky she left, that it’s really difficult to actually get somebody out regardless of how crappy they are or if they pay. The law on bad roommates and sublettors is weak and the courts do not evict.

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